• Well I sprayed the automotive art hs clear and WOW …..but then again I have nothing else to compare it to bcs its my first bs/cc job
    Good gloss and just hope we have some longevity to it ….I got very lucky ..my flat surfaces are sweet but my side panels have very minimum op ..next time I drink down a six pack so to be more relaxed :stoned…[Read more]

  • I also emailed the USA distributor of this product in Florida and he responded very quickly :

    [quote ]Our Clear Coats compete with leading European Clearcoats from Sikkens or Glasurit but at significantly lower cost (eg our 92-50 & 82-50).These are UHS (60% solids) and HS (50% solids) respectively. [/quote]

    the only issue I have is that I…[Read more]

  • 😛
    Well I went with PPG on epoxy,sealer and DBC and was inquiring which PPG clear to use for my needs …..my needs were that I
    dont want to rush ,good longer pot life ,durability, high solids and easy to spray for first timer .

    I told him more than a few times that price was not an issue bcs it being a total restoration and the usual…[Read more]