Hatin Nathan

  • We don’t use the DP20, but we do use the DP25, DP26, and the DP27- which are being phased out and discontinued. I’m not sure if their properties are similar with the DP20 though. If they are, it does make sense re-scuffing the primer due to it still curing. But the rest of the panels that are cured like blend panels and bumpers does seem like a…[Read more]

  • It sounds to me like some of the clearcoat from aerosol can didn’t atomize well enough so you’re left with small drops of paint on the car surface. This happens when you don’t shake the can long enough, or when your might have covered the spray hole by accident with your finger. Did you try sanding and buffing the area to see if the bubbles or…[Read more]

  • So its late in the day where I’m prepping a vehicle to shoot the next day. This includes blocking the primer, sanding and scuffing adjacent panels, and sanding and scuffing bumpers, etc. Management instructs me to re-scuff everything that had already been sanded/scuffed the following day, then washed and dried before it can be masked. This…[Read more]

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