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    Hey guys its me again. I havent used many polishing systems and am curious as to what others are using. In the past ive used norton liquid ice 3 pad one polish system and currently working with 3m 1-2-3. For the most part 3m is working well however, the dreaded solid black. I can get the swirls gone but it has holgrams or vice-versa. Im tryin to finish up a job with a VERY perticular customer. So it has to be “perfect” or as we all know as close to perfect that perfect can be. Then it gets washed :cens how are you guys finishing off these jobs


    Dennis Lambert

    We use Meguiars #34 Final Inspection after washing those types of jobs. All you do is spray a fine mist of it and wipe it off with a micro fiber cloth. Works for smudges, finger prints,water spots, cloth marks. Also works well in jambs for compound residue. Real nice stuff. :cheer:


    mark henschell

    I generally use Farecla, but have also used 3M and Meguiar’s



    Swirl comes from your machine, pad and technique. While some polishes are better then others they are, for this discussion, irrelevant.

    Bite the bullet and get yourself a Cyclo. From your first use the swirl will be gone – just keep the pads perfectly flat on the panel. Medium soft pads for finishing with any swirl remover you like, but for black cars I use Gelson T57. We do 2 cars/day with the Cyclo and have done for the last 13 years. That’s more than 6700 cars and the results are always the same. If you want, a final polish with soft pads, but it isn’t really necessary. Remove any residue with a very clean or new microfibre, making sure you get it all.

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