We are have a great summer at the shop!

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    Hey guys, it’s been crazy busy here lately. I just finished painting a fender and door on a 13 fusion tonight and chatted with my dad and we thought it would be nice to throw a couple of pictures up so you can see what we have been working on.

    I had a stinkin fly land in the door right after my first coat of clear. I was lucky enough to pick him out in time without leaving any legs or wings in the paint :cheers

    Blend worked out nice

    This is my uncle Bill’s farm truck that hit a deer a few days ago. She is a total, and there is a good chance we will rebuild it if the buy back isn’t too high

    This gal hit a deer and drove home after it leaked all the antifreeze out :blink: I am going to fix it up and was surprised the insurance company didn’t worry about possible engine damage (it’s probably fine, but still..)

    Me and the old timer washed up his dart yesterday, now it looks respectable again

    I sent the bid off for the corolla this morning for 5100, waiting to hear what they say. It is also the first estimate I have written up by using keystone online for list pricing rather than calling up our aftermarket parts outfit

    And last but not least, dad’s HHR he picked up from a guy who totalled it. I think it will make a sweet shop ride!


    Jayson Munro

    Looking Good Rob :cheers



    Looks like you got things under control Rob…keep up the good work! Diggin the new ‘shop ride’. :rock



    Looking good there guys, keep up the good work! :rock

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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