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    Now people’s living standard has improved, people’s requirements for anything more and more refined, as [url=http://www.hotstonecrusher.com/products/grinding/lum-ultrafine-vertical-roller-mill.html]vertical roller mill[/url] industry of course is to follow the development trend of the times, but also to fine direction, quality assurance at the same time also should accord with the now society advocate more energy and environmental topics. Vertical milling machine of new R & D and production is now grinding machine industry of new environmental protection outstanding representative products.

    The four major advantages of vertical milling machine, make him a large number of products in the flour mill in industries from is not out, the majority of users deep affection, formal such good word-of-mouth publicity, vertical milling machine sales is second to none.

    The first big advantage is its investment cost advantages, this equipment is set crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying into a whole, the system simple and uniform, compact layout, small occupied area, can open layout, so as to reduce the large amount of investment.

    The second big advantage is the high stability of high quality, to break the material in the mill to stay a short time, so the equipment to detect and control the product size and chemical composition is simple, thereby reducing the repeated grinding, more stable product quality.

    Third maintenance operation is convenient, the device is equipped with automaticcontrol system of PLC/DCS, can realize remote control, simple operation. Device through the maintenance of cylinder, turning arm, replacing the roller sleeve, the lining board is convenient and fast, reduce downtime losses.

    A fourth point is the most important, it not only energy-saving environmental protection, no pollution, low noise and small vibration. The whole sealing, the system works under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, to meet the requirements of national environmental protection.

    Vertical milling machine in the traditional types of milling equipment based on the transformation of new environmental protection become mill, vertical mill type new also comprises a high pressure suspension mill and over pressure ladder mill, has greatly improved the technology and performance, represents the development of vertical mill is currently the highest level and the future direction.

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