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    We have started using the above clear coat at our shop and i have also got a new devilbiss gti pro 1.3 and i think it has the t1 cap, and you can imagine a new gun and clear coat and as im not a main painter at our small shop i would appreciate any tips if any of you guys have used this clear ? Its a bit thicker than our other stuff we used but that was cheap crap hp body clear thats another story ! I put 10% thinner in and its not too bad just a little more texture than i like.
    I have gun set at around 1.7 bar and fluid out 2 turns and i get quite close and move quick.
    My boss sprays at a really low pressure around 1.1 bar and his fluid is about 1.3 turns out ! I cant spray like that too slow but he gets nice results still ? My work is good but just a bit more peel although the valspar sands really well and when polished looks a far better product and we have eliminated the pesky silicon holes we had here and there with the other clear !



    Jack Marshall

    I use t1 for solvent base I wouldn’t imagine it would do very well with a hs clear at all.

    I’ve not used that clear although I keep looking at valspar/octoral clears. I’ve heard and seen the hb body clear fail.

    I run 1.8 bar with lechler hs clear. Everything wide open with the pressure adjusted at the wall regulator but checked with a gun guage. I also spray close and fast.

    I don’t know how your boss can get a good finish using 1.1 bar! That is low.

    I’d be interested to hear how the new clear goes. The test for me is how it looks a few months later.

    If you want a real flat finish the t110 on a gti pro will lay it like glass which is what I use. It will also recreate oem peel with the right mix



    Hi mate sorry its deffo a gti pro clear so may have the t1 and t2 mixed up,im on hols this week so not had a look but yea its a gti pro clear 1.3


    Jack Marshall

    The pro clear does come with a t2 as standard which is good cap. More suited to ms and thinner hs clears and glosses.

    If the valspar clear is quite thick this is probably why you are getting more texture than you would like.

    If you find you can’t get the finish smooth as you would like I would recommend trying the t110 cap (although I think I paid around £80 for mine from spraygunsdirect)

    I have sprayed ultra high solid clears with mine which were like syrup and still got a good oem finish.

    How close do you spray? I spray around 4 inches but move quite quickly.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how the new clear holds up. Who supplies it to you?



    We get ours from a local factors called discount body panels i think its £50 a kit plus the vat mate which is good price for a nice clear
    Yea i get close too about 4 inches mate,im not sure if im moving too fast and its not wet enough or too slow and its laying too much on ? When you say wide open on fluid is that about 2-2.5 turns out ?


    Jack Marshall

    I turn the fan, fluid and air to fully open then turn the fluid in until you feel it start to move the trigger forward then back it off so it is fully open.

    If you are using less than fully open on your fluid to get the finish you want, you need a smaller fluid tip really.

    It may be because you are using a fast mix and it is not flowing out before flashing/tacking off.

    Is your base smooth before you clear it? I find if my base isn’t smooth enough the clear goes on with more texture than the areas without base on.

    I generally use a medium activator/hardener and reducer/thinner on my jobs. I will use fast now and then if the temperature is cool or just doing 1/2 panels.

    Im sure you will get it dialled, theres always something when you change product. Keep us up to date on how the new clear performs though.



    Yea i get the base coat as smooth as possible really,we use fast hardner in our shop unless its mega hot n then we go to medium but all the jobs are quick turnaround and as we only have a makeshift booth (no heat )so mainly fast is called for but i dont think im too far away from where i want to be just a tweak here n there lol



    It really depends on both temperature and humidity which speed of activator I use. I find the clears of http://www.alpscoating.nl easy to spray with. Nice gloss too.

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