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    It was a long time since I wrote my last tip about the ways to increase income revenue in your bodyshop. This one will tell you how to get extra dollars, euros or pesos by repairing burns, tears, cuts and stains on car parts made of leather, vinyl or fabric.

    My primary goal in this post is not to get into technical details, but to give you a few ideas where to earn and how to offer your customers this service. Some of you may say that this is not your job and that it is very difficult. My reply is “no” for both objections. Whatever has to do with car’s appearance, a bodyshop can offer a solution. If many detailing shops offer spot paint jobs, why a collision repair facility can’t offer cosmetic repairs? Do you know that sometimes customers will negotiate persistently about the price of bonnet’s refinishing, while they easily pay high price for their leather seat repair? Take a note here.

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