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    The place They Worked
    The coal miner’s of South Eastern Kentucky originates from a particular breed of man who operates in the darkness beneath dangerous disorders and breathes the coal dust that offers him Black Lung and no hope of a retirement future. [url=http://www.bestcrushers.net/solutions/raymond-mill-makers-in-india.html]raymond mill[/url]
    The do the job is dirty and dangerous and many misplaced their lives because of the neglect of mine operators and bad implementation of state and Federal laws regulating the way mining must be conducted. The miners and their families lived in the settlement known as coal camps. The houses, merchandise retailer, church, and schools have been owned through the coal enterprise. I am the son of a Kentucky coal miner, I was raised within a coal camp, and in my Personal words I want to document this life around the web page, so those that are interested can read about that experience.
    This web-site is about raymond mill – ‘Where They Worked And In which They Lived’. Integrated inside of the net web site is some insight about coal mining, coal training, coal mining disasters and history of coal mining. The photographs displayed are colored from black and white versions. My web page is dedicated to having to pay tribute on the raymond mill of America
    Pay a visit to – Roger’s Planet
    An additional site about coal mining.
    Where They Lived
    Inside a coal camp, the organization owned every one of the properties, the houses and anything related using the camp. Miners who worked there, just worked for wages along with the shell out they received was not adequate to supply decent living for their families. The houses had been generally 4 rooms with no indoor plumbing, there have been no streets, just dirt lanes full of coal ashes from the ‘warm morning’ stoves that had been utilized to heat the house. Some homes only had a single fireplace for heat in the cold winters. [url=http://www.wearablecrusher.com/solutions/raymond-mill-for-sale.html]raymond mill[/url]
    A standard shop owned through the enterprise, permitted the miners to trade for necessities. The miners employed firm monies identified as script which could only be redeemed, at the organization shop. Tennessee Ernie Ford had it suitable using the song lyrics ‘I owe my soul to your enterprise store’.
    Organized labor came into currently being, thanks to the United Mine Workers and John L. Lewis. This modified shell out and mine situations to the miner.Prior towards the union, lifestyle was not quick. Folks had to ‘make do’, which in my opinion produced stronger and better persons. This existence did me no harm it made me a much better particular person who appreciates what I have these days, I am positive some others that have knowledgeable this life can give testament to that.I made this web page for anyone that have skilled this daily life and can appreciate what it means to be a coal miner’s son or daughter.

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