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    As we all know, graphite has such good flote effect. Commonly, we use flotation method to catch it by neutral oil. Today the factory shares us some cautions about flotation machine of graphite, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/projects/used-stone-crusher-in-germany.html]used stone crusher in germany[/url] and hope that the relative flote method will make excellent contributions to all other manufacturers in our same field.
    At first, we should figure out the type of graphite ore. Graphite ore is divided into flaky graphite ore and earthy graphite ore. Flaky graphite ore is characteristic of graphite flake shaped or lamellar, ore grade is not high, generally in 3% ~ 5%, the highest do not exceed 20% ~ 25%. Flaky graphite excellent performance, can generally be used in the manufacture of high carbon product.Earthy graphite, [url=http://www.millmanufacturer.com/solutions/explain-usage-of-vibrating-screening-equipment.html]explain usage of vibrating screening equipment[/url] also known as implicit crystalline graphite ore.The ore of graphite crystal is small, generally less than 1 microns, surface soil structure, lack of gloss, industrial performance is lower than flaky graphite.
    Secondly, to protect the larger flake in choosing process. Large flake graphite wide application, less resources, high value, so in production must pay attention to protect large scale will not be broken. Large graphite mines in our country south this graphite mine, for example, namely uses one roughing and one scavenging, grinding, six times four selection flotation process, both to protect the large scales are destroyed, [url=http://www.millmanufacturer.com/solutions/Ball-Mill-Working-Principle.html]Ball Mill Working Principle[/url] and the concentrate grade of 90%.
    Finally, we should pay more attention to the high grade of the flake graphite. Graphite products to grade the demand is higher, if ordinary scaly graphite grade over 89%, pencil graphite grade requirements in 89% ~ 98%.Some electrical carbon graphite ask grade of 99% and so on.In order to obtain high quality graphite concentrates, in graphite flotation process, the number of selected are generally more.

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