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    A quarter of crushing machinery group outperformed the market expectations. After the market is widely expected in 2010 based on the high speed increase of mechanical crushing, crushing machinery market in 2011 one quarter of growth will naturally fall, but the theory of trafficking boom level to be better than market expectations.

    A quarter rather lush need [url=http://www.quarrycrushing.com/]quarry crusher[/url] products, this place is inseparable with the investment passion. By the impact of infrastructure, local authorities in their promotion guarantee housing construction, and the flow of investment remained high, the machinery industry showed a weak momentum of growth. Not only the domestic market does not adhere to the disorderly increase, the domestic market for China machinery market continued promotion of passion. In 2011, the domestic economic situation gradually warming, the domestic market for crushing machinery market need to reduce,the Chinese market clearly benefit.

    According to the previous market environment analysis, since the two quarter of this year the market is selling off-season, is, the two quarter sales of indirect resolution year market environment. Although the 2011 slowdown is the trend of the times, but the export situation better or for the market will bring a new bright spot. Part of the strategy of enterprise enters into the mediation stage, after the domestic factories and other means,and buy the partnership has been in the domestic market, create response marketing network, China broken machinery industry still have a greater increase in space in the investment and financing and the brand construction.

    Machinery industry growth typically require a large number of talent support, a quarter of machinery market recruitment environment continues to insist on a rising trend in the early stage of growth, crushing machine, this trend will continue to be stick. In April the high prices, the market economy situation is not excellent, all have raised the price trend of mechanical industry, in the national introduction of various types of policies to increase regulation and control of cost, cost down to the machinery industry or pause.

    Trust the future wide range high speed railway investment in water conservancy,construction, a few years revival plan western big development and region will set off a new tide of infrastructure construction around. At the same time, guarantee housing construction one-sided driven and export awakening will supply new energy industry development. In view of our long time, broken machinery industry still has a considerable increase in space.

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