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    Superfine Raymond mill as compared to ordinary Raymond mill it, is through the model of Raymond Mill modification design, fineness compared to ordinary [url=http://www.raymond-mill.net/]Raymond mill[/url] has improved a lot, fine, superfine Raymond mill is improved techniques in the mill on the basis of traditional, new grinding equipment with high efficiency and energy saving, and is a replacement product R type pendulum grinding update, then the ultrafine grinding improved place what?

    Ore grinding machining model updating of ultra-fine grinding can be applied tobelow the nine level, humidity below 6%, the arbitrary adjustment in the range of 80-800 mesh fineness, new grinding system device and grading equipment of high technology makes the model of Raymond Mill quickly in the market has been the promotion and application, and has obtained favorable comments from customers and friends.

    Ultrafine grinding work process: first by the feeder to the milling machine, mill in its internal grinding device function, between rollers and ring material crushing,qualified materials through the upper lower channel direction to go, after the analysis for sorting out the products after passing four hundred mesh, here to grinding material as standard that is more than four hundred orders and through the following fall again, mill grinding blade, lower and the materials are shovel to roll grinding and milling grinding ring, grinding materials in order to achieve full. The qualified materials by analyzing the machine by pipeline to the powder collector, according to the demand of appropriate is powder collect o rmobile phone, dust is not appropriate is collected into the dust collector.

    This model of superfine grinding device adopts a negative pressure system, simple to say is below atmospheric pressure, also is the mill pressure is less than the external atmospheric pressure, some users worry in the inlet position of millwill not have a material powder, this is generally not the case. Unless the entirenegative pressure mill closed system is not strict resulting ultrafine grinding topositive pressure system, there will be dusting phenomenon, so users in the use of we must check the mill is closed.

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