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    hi all just wanted an opinion please
    Whenever i do a complete bonnet/hood repaint and blend wings and all the bumper i seem to get a great finish on all but more texture on the hood ? Is this normal as the hood today got 3-4 coats of basecoat as did the bumper but wings got 2-3 as there was little to cover ? Bonnet/hood was painted off on stand upright as was bumper ? Any thoughts or is this the way it is ? Thanks



    Lay hood flat when clearing, that will help a lot



    Its a makeshift booth we use mate so we get more dirt if its on the car ? I would prefer to spray it on myself but anything flat like roof or hood gets more dirt ?



    Lay it flat, and try to eliminate the dust issue from the source , we try and mount the parts the way they are intended to be on the vehicle, I find it makes for a more consistent original finish.


    Jack Marshall

    LHi Carl. I have found the same sometimes to be honest. What I found is that the more cots of base you lay down the more texture you will get in the clear basically.

    The best way around this I have found is to get coverage in as few coats as possible using either a ground coat or tinted primer. Or sometimes if you do need a lot of base to get coverage let it dry and nib it all off ( I use p1000 dry) then just put on 1 coat and then your effect coat to finish off before clear coating.

    Another thing I’ve found that helps is to get your base on nice and smooth so there is no grainy feeling to it then give it a real good tack ragging over before clear to remove any stray or stood up flakes.

    I also work in a make shift booth and you are right the flat panels do get more dirt in them. If I am really clean my jobs come out clean though.

    It’s catch 22 because they do come out flatter when painted horizontal but come out cleaner hung or stood up.



    Thanks jack good advice mate
    The main concern for me is the areas we spray in are clean but the fan pulls in from all the crack n crannys ! We are a small but very busy shop with lots of filler work going on which just settles everywhere ! I try to get the gaffer motivated to get the shop a few upgrades but it never happens mate ! He cant wait to get out the place and is a means to an end for him so i just give up ! If we spent a few days sealing the booth up properly and fit a inlet fan with filters it could make a lot of difference and less buffing means a more efficient shop !
    Plus id find it easier to paint bonnets flat lol
    Thanks for advice mate



    Out of interest jack what tintable primer do you use ?

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