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    Ricky Byrd

    Hey guys I’ve been spraying now for ten years. Just the past year I’ve been using Sherwin Williams, I’ve been to their training center in Dallas and learned a lot through trial and error of this product. Let me start with the base if you are using this product throw the rhf reducer in the trash. The bcs dries faster and you can nib it. Or you can use the regular us solvents or reducer to reduce your solid colors the metallics will try to mottle. Their color match is damn good I’ll give them that. Some of their colors are super transparent though. Now when it comes to their clear the problem I was having, the clear just had to much reducer. They have a 900
    Series which is 931 super fast 930 fast and 950 slow which all mixed 3/1/1 with 1 part being reducer seriously. So id clear a job and it would look good in the booth even after bake but the next day it would have really fine texture no matter what I tried.
    So I started using a clear called 939 performance plus. Which mixes 4/1/1 lets just say I cut out the reducer with the 939 completely no problems. But I failed to mention that the mixing ratios can change for 931 930 and 950. You can reduce it ten to twenty five percent. Well why didn’t i try that, o I did but it’s thicker than syrup and won’t lay down. Does anyone have any input on their clears?



    I use clear sherwin 111.I am from Europe. It is 5-10% reducer.It is a good clear.



    :cheers I’ve been using Sherwin Williams for quite some time and really liked it. Just recently the shop I’m working in switched to ppg dbc. We are getting new paint booths sometime in January and will be switching to Envirobase then.
    To get to the question about the clears, I prefered 930 over 931. How long are you waiting in between coats and what are you baking the clears at? With 930 I would usually shoot my clear coats back to back and bake immediately when finished. Also rhf reducers are a must for metallic colors. If your adding more coats of base using bcs reduces your putting on more texture in your paint which will show in the clear. Using rapid cover for your hard to cover metallics also helps alot.


    Sam Alexander

    Have you tried the 1100755 elegance plus clear? That is a really good clear.

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