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    Moffat “Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1” said it’s “the (R@W+ST@r) Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1 “Deep_Bre@th” Online Free Megashare story of Watch Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 1 Online Free a date and the Doctor having what appears to be a mild nervous breakdown.” Episode premise: “When you talk to yourself, what if the person you’re talking to isn’t really you?” Samuel Anderson recurs as character Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School. Anderson said: “I can’t wait to show people how my character becomes involved with such a fantastic duo!”

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    Guest starring: Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink), Robert Goodman (Reg)

    805. Time Heist


    Written by Steve Thompson. Directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

    A Doctor Who “heist movie”. The Doctor and Clara come face to face with the mysterious Ms Delphox (Keeley Hawes) when they arrive on a strange and puzzling planet. Delphox is a powerful out-of-this-world character with a dark secret and she happens to run the most secure bank in the universe. Jonathan Bailey plays a cyborg. Features a minotaur-like monster. Rumoured title: “Time Heist”.

    Guest starring: Keeley Hawes (Ms Delphox), Jonathan Bailey, Pippa Bennett-Warner.



    Written by Gareth Roberts. Directed by Paul Murphy.

    A Coal Hill School centric episode with the 12th Doctor posing as the school’s caretaker. Moffat said: “What effect would slipping away with the Doctor have on your life?” Ellis George guest stars as a Coal Hill student and will join the Doctor for an adventure in the TARDIS. Rumoured title: “The Caretaker.”

    Guest starring: Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink), Ellis George (Courtney), Nigel Betts, Edward Harrison, Andy Gillies, Jimmy Vee (Scovox).


    Pic by Mark Palace

    Written by Peter Harness. Directed by Paul Wilmshurst.

    Part-filmed in Lanzarote. Described as an “intense and emotional script.” Moffat teased “The Doctor is returning to the scene of an old adventure – but there have been sinister changes since his last visit.” Rumoured title: “Kill the Moon.”

    Guest starring: Hermione Norris, Ellis George (Courtney), Tony Osoba, Phil Nice and Christopher Dane.



    Written by Jamie Mathieson. Directed by Paul Wilmshurst.

    Moffat teased “The Doctor is finally catching up on his phone calls.” He also says that the “sparkling script” will showcase all of Frank Skinner’s famous wit and charm.” Singer-songwriter Foxes will cameo and is contributing a special track for the episode. Rumoured title: “Mummy on the Orient Express”

    Guest starring: Frank Skinner, Foxes, David Bamber, Daisy Beaumont, Christopher Villiers and Janet Henfrey.


    Written by Jamie Mathieson. Directed by Douglas Mackinnon.

    People are going missing and strange graffiti is appearing. Worse is that the Doctor finds himself in a shrinking TARDIS! Moffat said “starts off with a very cute idea and becomes really quite frightening by the end.” Rumoured title: “Flatline”

    Guest starring: Christopher Fairbank (Fenton), Joivan Wade (Rigsy), Matt Bardock (Al), James Quinn (Bill), John Cummins (Roscoe), Raj Bajaj (George), Jessica Hayes.


    samuel-anderson-series-8-childs play

    Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Directed by Sheree Folkson.

    Little is know except the story will feature a cast of child actors and be filmed last. Moffat said it’s “boldly beautiful, lyrical and poetic. A fairytale, but not Moffat fairytale. Quite different with a clever main visual idea.” Rumoured title: “Child’s Play”.

    Guest starring: Samuel Anderson (Danny), Harley Bird, Abigail Eames, Ashley Foster and Jaydon Harris-Wallace (Samson).



    Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Rachel Talalay.

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