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    Ill try to not right a novel here.

    I have a 04 corolla.
    Not a show car. Its my wife’s car / kid hauler. Main goal is to stop rust.

    Im leaning more towards using spray cans to fix.

    It seems there is great info on here how to sand area before paint. I can fumble through that.
    I dont have a clue where to buy tools , sand paper , what paint etc. Need help with that.

    also recommendation on ” rust stop”.
    A person here in wi said to use “eastwoods rust encapulator”
    If you dont get every bit of rust off ( which is very difficult without the right tools im guessing)
    This product claims to trap it / stop it ..etc
    I did a search online and there was a write up I can post link
    ..but didn’t know if that is allowed on this forum

    Hope for some feed back.
    1.) Anyone used the Eastwood stuff?
    2.) Where and what to buy ? Paint ? Sand paper? Sanding tools?

    Thank you for your time.

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