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    The development of China industrial mill began in the fifty’s of last century, the first industrial milling operations introduce Raymond mill, simple process requirements, work flow of single, coupled with the fact that the country’s urgent needs of industrial construction, let the Raymond Mill powder equipment in domestic market reputation, has had the widespread recognition, there are still many places the Raymond mill that is referred to as the industrial milling equipment, all the flour mill for milling equipment industry are called Raymond mill.

    [url=http://www.raymond-mill.net/]Raymond mill[/url] grinding in the industrial market popularity has the social environmental factors, but also the long-term results of culture, until the last century eighty’s, the two names in the small milling machine on the market is still only Raymond mill and ball mill, and the introduction of foreign large vertical mill and jet mill, rarely enter the low-end market field, mostly working for large state-owned enterprises. This situation lasted until the early ninety’s, grinding the opening degree of the market to further expand the began to appear all sorts of modified products by Raymond mill, Raymond Mill supercharger can provide higher degree of fineness and efficiency, market was generally recognized and accepted, the advent of the era of high pressure suspension roller mill.Associated with the other such as centrifugal pulverizer, improvement of product through the mill, the final high pressure suspension mill to improve the technology of stable and practical to win market position.

    In late ninety, the emergence of the Internet makes mill sales channels greatly expand, also widely used in diversified modern powder industry and new materials have also prompted the mill of the direction of evolution towards a more refined, for double take market use and publicity, mill type began to appear disorder, a large mill products types of flooding the market, make the mill industry is in chaos.

    Enter the twenty real, large-scale applications of space technology and precision electronic components has brought new development opportunity for powder industry, but also to the industrial milling machine products R & D and innovation challenges, performance of the pulverizer product needs to be further improved.It is in this situation, large milling machine R & D enterprises gradually out of the fixed principles of pattern of Raymond mill, focus on the development of new products, advanced technology international milling industry has become a benchmark for the main. It is in this situation, vertical mill and MTW mill, the European version of the over pressure ladder type milling machine design is completed, and quickly cut a striking figure in the market, instead of ball mill,Raymond mill and other traditional equipment, become the dominant product industrial milling machine.

    A fact as everyone knows, upgrading electronic device products is about 18 months, the same, the application and the development speed of the new material is also very alarming, the material requirements of fine now powder industry, let the powder material processing equipment also has the very big innovation pressure, milling machine manufacturing enterprises have to speed up product research and development to adapt to the new market of the rapid rise of material processing. As currently the largest mining technology in grinding equipment enterprise as an example, the annual sales of 10% R & D investment fixed amount, to always maintain the leading status in the powder equipment market. According to our analysis, since the SBM technology of vertical mill and MTW mill model, the European version have been completed design work, is to be carried out the actual test, I believe that soon will be in the milling machine market set off a new round of reform.

    The development of modern mill need to constantly adapt to the rapid development of powder materials application industries, only the constant introduction of new mill products, to keep up with the pace of development of milling machine market, research and development of new grinding machine has become a kind of normal milling machine enterprises, any stalled or rely on a copy from the idea will eventually be market abandon. But we also believe, mill industry leader of SBM technology in such new products R & D, mill is not a bottleneck restricting the development of milling machine industry, will become the industry as a whole realize the conformity of resources and quality change of power, because we all know there is competition, there is progress, strength will survive, the current situation in mill industry, this sentence has been highlighted more bright.

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