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    Hatin Nathan

    So its late in the day where I’m prepping a vehicle to shoot the next day. This includes blocking the primer, sanding and scuffing adjacent panels, and sanding and scuffing bumpers, etc. Management instructs me to re-scuff everything that had already been sanded/scuffed the following day, then washed and dried before it can be masked. This makes it impossible to have a job in the booth and have it ready for me the following day.
    So my question is this: Does anyone think this process has some sound logic to it or does it seem excessive. My guess is that management fears that scratches fill in after a night and the washing afterwards benefits a cleaner job.
    But this is very time consuming. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



    I’ve yet to encounter a shop that has this sort of policy, it certainly does sound like overkill to me and would be hard to stay productive. The only thing close to along those lines was a primer I encountered, DP20, which if allowed to dry longer than 12 hours before painting you needed to re-prep it. It would make sense that scratches would change slightly as primer continues to cure, but I would think any effect from doing this would be pretty negligible.


    Hatin Nathan

    We don’t use the DP20, but we do use the DP25, DP26, and the DP27- which are being phased out and discontinued. I’m not sure if their properties are similar with the DP20 though. If they are, it does make sense re-scuffing the primer due to it still curing. But the rest of the panels that are cured like blend panels and bumpers does seem like a waste of time.



    Never heard of a shop not letting you prep one the day before, we do it all the time if its a big job.

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