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    If anyone would like to help me here? I would sure appreciate it. I’ve have been slammed with front bumper covers that are eaten up with rock chips, road debris (they look and feel like they have been sandblasted)! Nothing unusual! However, Ive got to get 12 to 15 done a day. With expectations being near perfection. They are high line cars coming off of lease turn in programs. Any thoughts on how to quickly reduce the damage down? Fill all these tiny to moderate “pecks” without missing any damage?

    I usually will sand out all damage with 400 and try to get the entire affected area smooth to feel. Scuff and lay heavy coats of primer. Let that flash and cure out. Come back with a D/A sander with 400 grit. Use light filler over any places that I missed. Scuff, clean, and seal, and shoot.

    If anyone sees something that I could be doing that would cause problems down the road please feel free to tell me. I have been fortunate so far.

    Again, please if anyone has a easier process I sure would appreciate you sharing it with me. There has to be a quicker way!!!!!!!!! Please help a tired fellow out. Thanks!!


    Jack Marshall

    That is a lot of bumpers to do in a single day.

    The only stage I can suggest speeding up is sanding out the damage with 180 grit. It must take a while to sand them out with 400. 180 is as rough as you can go with out ripping up the plastic and furring up the bumpers in my experience.

    I still can’t see how you could get 12-15 done a day though.


    Blair Elliott

    Yup,… I’d use 180 as well. Another little trick that I’ve learned, is that when the plastic does get ripped up and furry,… if you take a red scotchbrite and some wax and silcone remover and give that area a good rubbing with wet scotchbrite it will smooth that fur right down and make for much easier priming.



    Would it be wrong to smear some 2k putty into the rock chips, then sand with 220 until smooth, prime and sand again? There is the possibility that it WILL shrink later. Thats a lot of bumpers in one day


    Blair Elliott

    No,… in fact it’s a good idea. I use it on large chips and curb rash,… smooth it out with 240 on the palm sander, then prime heavily and sand smooth.
    Even if each bumper is already off the car to avoid masking time,…each one still going to take you a couple of hours minimum to do right. I wish him luck trying to do that many a day.



    12 to 15 bumpers a day, you must be rolling in the money at the end of the week.
    We remove every bumper from the car, disassemble all trim before we repair and refinish.
    Some how I think you are leaving the bumpers on the car to say you are doing that many.

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