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    Guy Bowens

    I used a Clear Coat Aerosol Spray ( ExpressPaint.com CLEAR COAT #150) on my vehicle and the spray leaves small bumps possibly air bubbles on the car. I”m not sure what to do. After watching your video on YouTube on how to polish a black car, I’m somewhat in a dilemma… The affected area is small but noticeable… Question: Is there some possible way to refinish or maybe remove or fix the clear coat to blend effectively on a 2016 Black Body automobile. The car now has small visible patches of a matted like haze located in a small particular spot upon the side of the vehicle, And If your looking close up at the car, the clear coat over spray produced tiny bubbles/bumps on the surface.

    I also used an Aerosol spray can RUST-OLEUM, a specialty Lacquer #1905830 high luster ultra smooth coating BLACK, designed for a factory finish for Metal. THIS PRODUCT seems OKAY.[/center][/right]


    Hatin Nathan

    It sounds to me like some of the clearcoat from aerosol can didn’t atomize well enough so you’re left with small drops of paint on the car surface. This happens when you don’t shake the can long enough, or when your might have covered the spray hole by accident with your finger. Did you try sanding and buffing the area to see if the bubbles or bumps would level out and be brought back to a shine. Try using 2000 grit paper and a rubbing compound with a buffer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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