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    Hi to everybody, Ill try and make this quick. I;ve been detailing for close to 13 yrs now and had a new client a couple of months ago come to me and say what had I used on his 1998 Cadillac. Cause the paints clear coat is all cracked. And this was a month later after I had detailed it. I told him I carry nothing that would do damage such as that. I don’t use solvents to clean paints. I use polishes like 3M and Menzerna. But this guy thinks I cause these defects to his car. I keep telling him that I don’t carry any products that would do something as that. What he does is buys cars, fixes them, and sells them. Ive already done 10 cars for him which are all fine. Take a look at these pictures if you will and let me know what would cause something like this. Thanks Guys



    Looks to me like the vehicle had been repainted at some stage and the clear has crazed and is delaminating ,this may be due to a number of factors but I suspect the clear was not applied thick enough,could be a cheap single K clear also ,could be due to clear being applied over unsanded or poorly sanded areas or any number of reasons ,if anything an aggressive product would cause an immediate reaction ,as the car has come back months latter is the owner saying he has not washed or waxed it since you touched it ? and that only the products you used have ever touched that paintwork and nothing else since 😉

    The answer to this is to get in touch with 3M and get them to assess the problem ,if they say it is their products fault then they would be responsible for any rectification ,I very much doubt it would go that way and as i said before this looks to be a paint failure not a contaminant/ body care product issue

    In reality the owner would have to provide proof in the way of a chemists report that the products you used caused the issue ,if so then again the product manufacturer would be the one responsible for rectification not yourself as you used the product in good faith and i assume followed all instructions on use of the product

    hope this helps but I suspect the guy is trying it on to get a repaint out of you



    definitely been repainted improperly at one point in time.


    Jayson Munro

    That could be a factory de-lam for sure,it is a 98 .I highly doubt you doing some detailing to it is going to cause that much damage in such a short time.He is just looking for re-reimbursement to get some paint work done on someone else’s dime.



    What did it look like when you did it a couple of months ago. That would take longer to get to that point.



    Yeah Thanks Guys for your comments. This pretty much sums it up. I couldn’t agree with you guys more…. I plan to show him these comments. In all fairness and because he assured me more work from him. (cause I could use the business) I told him I would sand this down for him as he plans on getting this repainted. Ill let you know the outcome. Thanks again


    Simon Richards

    As what the others have said….paint failure/delam due to a either one or a combination of factors including poor prep, poor application, poor quality product (cheap Chinese clear) or not enough product being used so therefore not enough UV protection in the clear.

    The only thing I can think of why this has occurred after you detailed the car is IF you cut the roof quite aggressively, you may have thinned out the (already thin) clear so that the UV and other elements are now attacking the clearcoat.

    I personally wouldn’t be sanding anything. If you sand, firstly it’s an admission of fault in the eyes of the customer. Secondly, you’re probably going to said through the base into the metal, and this opens up the opportunity for rust to start forming. You have no guarantee of when this guy will actually take the car to be painted.

    Also, as a painter, I flat out refuse to accept anybody elses prep work unless I personally know them (and/or they work for me in my shop). He may find out that the body shop’s are not interested in touching the job because of this….or they may try to charge him more for the ‘hassle’. You don’t want to deal with customers like this…no matter how much work they have given you, or promise to give you in future.



    Thanks for your comment. What you’ve said shall be taking in regard. After I had detailed the car, he said it was covered up since then. (So he says) So the UV didnt get a chance to scorn the paint. Although the damage was already apparent to me as he declined not remembering. I now await to see if as promised more work shall come my way. Will keep posted. Thanks again.

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