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    Just sprayed for the first time with a 1k waterborn primerfiller (Mipa, made in Germany).
    Right after laying down a wet coat, i notice thousands of very tiny nibs in the paint. I think they are very tiny air bubbles right on the surface..
    After drying you hardly see them anymore, untill you look very close.

    Is this normal for a waterborn primer?

    My primergun is a Sata 100b rp with a 1.6 nozzle. I have used a waterbased degreaser and it happens on all surfaces i have tried. Sanded old paint as well as bare metal.

    By the way, when i use a paintbrush and paint a little bit of primer on the lid of the can the same thing happens.



    you may have laid too wet ,i have had similar issues with water based paints if you lay them to heavy ,even had it with solvent ,it is a form of solvent pop



    Just went to the paintbooth to see how it looked like now that it’s fully cured and to my surprise it came out well. All nibs were gone!
    Sanded the surface with some black control powder to see if there are any micro pinholes but it’s 100% smooth.

    I love to paint with no smell for my neighbours and to clean a gun with simply water. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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