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    well i thought i would make a post here an say thanks ta all the members i have met here over the last 4 yrs…alots of u guys have become good freinds to me i also have learned alot from all of u in all sorts of different aspects of running my business an really have benefited from getting ta know you all so well
    now to the purpose of this post the last few weeks have really got my attention on how do we as a group of some of the what i believe are some of the best of the best guys on the paint porn sites going ta do with this site so we dont become like some of the other paint sites an YES i want ta hear some of ur ideas 😉 i think this site is more for the pros in this trade but can also help the hobby guys 2…. but some of the hobby folks need ta understand that most of us here get tired of answering the same stupid questions time an time again!! dont come back when ya didnt listen the first time an ask why something didnt work this aint romper room 😛
    i really want ta see this site expand with new members so i also think we need ta give everybody a chance here i think we should always encourage people ta post pics on the site an not the chat box..ive seen alota cool work posted in the chat box but its more fun when everybody can come back an see the comments posted on em an makes the site more fun for everybody
    an now on the chat box!! if ya are thin skinned an dont have ur big girl pantys on dont be suprized if ya dont get bitch slapped a lil 😉 sometimes we all like ta give each other some $hit an i always look foward 2 it when i go on there an yes i do most of it outta just having fun with ya guys while having a beer or 2 in the evening 😆 on the other hand i think some us veterans on the chat are just going ta put on our kiddy gloves for those that cant take a joke 😉
    and thirdly if ya dont know dick about painting an are just going ta troll the site 24/7 jast ask any of us an we will gladly tell ya of other sites that are way more helpful 2 people just learning than this one !!!an yes i will ban people that dont have any business here 👿
    i really want ALL of us ta do what we can ta make this site the best pro refinish site on the net an its going ta take all of us here ta make that happen besides winter is coming an its alot of fun ta have something for us other than facebook ta come have a good time an disscuss family freinds things that bug us an work!! an help each other out …i also want ta get ta know some of the new members that are going ta be coming thru here an encouraging em ta come back 2 i hope this make a lil sense to most of ya i know those paint fumes kinda rot some of u olders painters brains so if ya need a translator have ur wife read this 2 you an explain ok 😉 yours truely BONDO


    Amen Brother…. Well said bondo.

    richard elliott

    I can’t read, write or spell for toffee but I’m here if people need a hand, lol 😉 just drop me a message

    Barry Overby

    Nice post…. It must be the new Avatar. :whistle:

    ryan brown

    Good post Bondo!

    Nelson Hays

    I didn’t read your post, but how do I get the clear coat out of the can of krylon from walmart into my cup on my gun I got from harbor freight? I want to paint a uber-custom ’96 civic with flames.

    Carlos Garcia

    Sorry if I don’t agree with ur idea, it sounded kind of selfish to me, if u don’t like a question, don’t answer it, just that simple. Must people r not as intelligent and God gifted as u, it’s not their right to b ignorant? like me for instance, I wish i could write as elocuente as u, unfortunately God did not give the gift, for that “May God Bless You. I have learned a lot in my brief passing by in this forum, I am grateful to all that contributed and wasted ur time in my education as an apprentice in the art of car painting but I do not think is right to keep any body out for the simple fact of their ignorance.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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