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    Thomas Robertson

    I am trying to paint a 1963 Impala. I have no idea what was on the car originally but even sand blasting would not take it off. I then tried chemical stripping but it did not do well either. I eventually got the body smooth and the repairs made but the primer lifted. I tried 2k and even lacquer with the same results. I have since primed the body with a water base primer but still the paint wants to lift especially in the areas where the water base primer was sanded through. I am going to attempt to put another solid coat of water based primer on tomorrow to use as a sealer and then paint. Any suggestions before I go any further. Are there any other type of sealers I might try. I have used a sealer from UTech before but it has a hardener and is solvent based, does anyone have any experience with that. Thanks



    I’m a little confused. Did you actually get it stripped down to bare metal, and it still is trying to lift when you put products on it? Or is it only when it’s on top of the old substrate?



    Best advice would be to strip to bare metal than you can start with a solid foundation and no surprises that can come back to haunt you down the road


    Sam Latimer

    you must not got it to bare metal !

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