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    I am considering trying a product called ‘wet wet’ clear coat. It’s sold by allkandy.com

    I’ve done quite a bit of googling and I can’t seem to find any reviews on the product that aren’t by someone affiliated with the company. Does anyone here any thoughts?

    FWIW, this is for my own car. The car is going to be a dark grey, almost black, with a fair amount of pearl. I’d like the car to be as nice as possible, but I do plan to drive the car about 5000 miles a year so some clears that are ultra expensive may not be practical. I’ve used quite a lot of the PPG 2021 clear, and that has been my go-to for projects that I’d like to be a little nicer than most. I don’t mind using the 2021 again on my car, but I’m more willing to experiment / try new things on my car than on someone else’s; so I started looking for other options and came across this.

    Any advice is appreciated.



    I wish I could help u but i’m in the process of learning how 2 paint myself here but i’m sure someone will give u a perfect answer this is a good place 2 get answers trust me, i’ve seen video’s of guys putting 10 coats of clear on cars 2 give it that wet wet look and I know there going 2 have problems down the line lol :woohoo:



    I’ve never heard of it, but I’ve learned that cheap clears are exactly what they are, cheap. If it were me, I’d use a high quality appearance clear with flex additive, and maybe invest in some 3M. I find any cheap clears die back, or get cloudy when spraying on the wet side, and they have also proven to be brittle. My favourites right now are the Dupont 8700 and the Sikkens autoclear superior.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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