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    Stephen Jorge

    I am new to body work, and I have a job to do on one of my personal vehicles, a small dent on the body line on the front fender of an 08 mustang. I’m looking for any suggestions on the best way to get the body lines perfectly straight again. Any ideas would help out tremendously. Thank you all in advance.



    Which line are you trying to repair?


    Stephen Jorge

    It’s the side line mid height on the fender that goes from the fender through the door.


    matthew mcintyre

    the few tips i can give are, if you are pushing or pulling the dent before filling then do it on the swage line as that is where the most strenght is and will help no end to make the filling part easyer.
    when you skim i run the spreader along both sides of the swage which will create a nice peak of filler along the swage line.

    and the other that i got taught which really works is sand one side of it in one direction ans the other side in the opposite direction, this makes for a nice even straight line and also makes the line quite sharp which can be rounded if needs be.

    if its a staright line us masking tape or guide coat to make sure it is straight, if your doing a round line like on an arch i use a pencil and put one finger under the arch as a guide and let the pencil follow the swage line and draw on the filler. This will give you a perfect round swage line on an arch. Just sand until you hit the pencil marks

    hope this helps a bit


    Jack Marshall

    That is good advise. Masking tape, guide coat and pencil lines can be a great help especially on difficult body lines and contours.

    Once you have the repair in primer and blocked out I spray some wax and grease remover / panel wipe over the area and look down the panel to check for straightness. If your not happy with it, rework it otherwise it will show once painted.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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