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    So it seems that Axalta have started the process of rationalising aspects of their DuPont purchase.

    We received the new software last week, which looks like being rolled out to Cromax, Standox and Spies Hecker (maybe others) customers. This is to replace various different programs used by the different divisions and, in some cases, different parts of the world.

    Apart from being painfully slow and requiring and upgrade of both HDD and RAM to the PC it runs on, the local distributor who installed it apparent has been using the same USB stick for each installation and managed to pick up a virus. Luckily we run Debian Linux on all the networked PCs in the shop, except this one in the paint room, so contained the spread locally, but not before this rotten thing phoned home and got our IP listed on Spamhaus, which effectively stopped all outbound communication for 2 days. I put that down to just bad luck and we’re back up and running with freshly installed operating systems.

    Curious, though, about others experiences with this program. So far I’ve only done a few jobs with it but the colour matches seem way off compared to the old one and it doesn’t give many candidates for a match (only 3) from a spectro reading. Old one was 20, so you could pick and choose on things like flake size.



    I haven’t heard anything about a new program.
    I was at an Axalta Training course a couple weeks ago and it wasn’t mentioned there either.
    Does it replace Colornet 2.0?



    Don’t know Colornet 2.0 but we used a program which was developed by DuPont Asia, called ANZ Colorquik Pro, so not the same as may have been used in North America or Europe. I understand, but can’t say for certain, that the new program is based on the old Standox one used in the States but modified somewhat so that it draws not just from the local database but also from the Cloud.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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