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    Dyllon Sommer

    Hey everyone, I am new the the site, I would like some advice on fixing my fender that got damaged and rusted a bit, and what I can use to fix it, links to product would be great

    Truck is a 97′ chevy k1500 silverado z71 5.7L v8

    Please dont link me to new fenders I know that wold be best but after painting it will bee about $200

    The part gone is appox. 13″ in height and 6″ wide i know its bad

    any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


    Ben Hart

    Sorry to say it, but just install a replacement fender. Yours isn’t worth fixing, and you could go over $200 in materials trying to fix it. And no matter how you fix it, it will just keep rusting.

    If you want to fill it with steel wool and Bondo or some other back yard fix, no one here would want to help with that.


    Craig Coburn

    My only addition to this advice it to cruise by your local junk yard and find an unrusted fender and swap it in. They do exist. My local guys usually charge me around $75 for a fender in good condition.



    Best bet would be to find a wing/fender in same colour and fit that yourself mate,you could have it plated / welded but its gonna cost more after you add paint and materials and labour and even then the rust could show up on another part of the wing/fender !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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