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    Oscar Moreno

    So i am looking at an iwata lph-80 for reconditioning work i do. I am wondering witch one will work better for me. The 1.0 or 1.2. A little info about what i intend to use it for, mainly for painting full bumpers, blends, full fenders, oscasionally a full door and blendes on quarter panels. I dont ever plan to say, spray two doors of a bumper and two fender etc. just inidiviual panels. I am looking ag the lph-80 for its low air cossunption and due to the fact that i do not have a large air supply. Just enough for inidividual panels. I read online that a mini 1.0 is an equivalent to a 1.4 traditional hvlp and a 1.2 to a 1.6? Any advice would be much appreciated of my decision making for the gun! Thanks!


    james caruso

    well i have had an lph80 in a 1.0 for years. its a great gun but i dont know if i would use it for a whole panel or a couple panels. it doesnt have a very wide fan so might be a little tough. a 1.0 being equal to a 1.4 is completely false. a 1.0 is a 1.0. it wont put out anywhere near the fluid amt a full size gun will. i also have a couple sata minijet 3000’s. 1 is a 1.0 then other a 1.2. i can say the 1.2 is probably better for what your looking to do. they also make the minijet with a 1.4 which for doing whole bumpers or panels may be better for you.



    they come with two different aircaps the E2 and E4 the E4 being the wider and more versatile cap ,I would go with the 1.2 as it can be choked back to the same fluid output as the 1.0 but a 1.0 cant be adjusted to give the same output as a 1.2 ,I have cleared bumpers with a 1.0 E4 and they will clear wings doors and quarters if pushed but you would need to thin your clear or direct gloss a fair bit

    the 1.2 with E4 cap claims a 5.5 inch fan width the 1.0 slightly smaller
    they will do what you are asking but slower than a bigger gun such as the W101 or W300

    as it goes I have just got myself the 1.2 version yesterday as I am finding the 1.0 a little on the slow side although the finish is superb

    The W101 and W300 are the mainstay of our shop and we use them to clear even full sides of vehicles ,we use the 1.3 set up with H2 air caps and I also have an LPH W300 with the LV4 split nozzle set up ,nothing compares to it for blending especially silvers ,I havent bothered trying to use it for clears other than the odd bumper but it will clear as well as base

    You may wish to consider those models as well ,as for the Sata mini jets they are no where near as durable as the iwata guns ,plastic nobs that split and sheer along with pot lids that split and are expensive to replace ,overall our iwata guns have been bullet proof and easily out perform our Sata guns


    Oscar Moreno

    Thank you! Im not really concerned about spraying quick or clearing fast. I currently use a accuspray gun with the fuji turbine and well i hate it because it has noooo pressure and it lays down the paint all blotchy and the clear all peely. So what ive been doing lately is using the adapter to run it trough the compressor and the results now are way better. But since the gun is big it does eat up a lot of air and i find myself loosing pressure towards the end. So its why i am looking at a mini gun and the iwatas are always my choice. Thanks for the input! Im thinking of getting the 1.2 with the e4 cap now! I will also do some research on the other models you mentioned… I just am concerned about the gun being able to run smoothly on a 15 gallon dewalt compressor. Thanks again!


    Spyke fifty two

    New to the forum here, but I’ve used the lph80 with a 1.2 tip and e4 cap to paint bumpers, and for small blends on quarters or fenders. I’ve had really good results with this gun, in fact I have 2. One for base , and one for clear. I prefer them over my sata 3000. I’ve had no problems running on a 6gallon dewalt when doing mobile work. For bigger jobs in my buddies booth,I like my lph400’s.

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