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    been awhile since ive posted but me an rob watched this vid the other day an found it ta be interesting …enjoy :stoned

    thought about posting it over on the 101 but i really dont think some of those boys could grasp it :deadhorse



    Yep, interesting. It’s what I’ve been saying for ages – that colours are more about the effect than they are about “full coverage”.

    Toyota are the masters of translucent colours (but not the only one) and it is really difficult to get an edge to edge match on a lot of their colours. One trick that I’ve used is to look at their ground coat which you can usually see under the bootlid and mix a batch of solid colour basecoat to a fairly close match. Then do the same as he did, blending the edges out a bit. Same thing, really, but using colour rather than a shade of grey. Just the same as you’d do on a 3 layer pearl.

    I don’t agree that it is not more work. You have to mix another colour and it adds another step in the process, but worth it to get a good match or, as he calls it, “perceived”.



    there has been a few times over the years that i just couldnt get a repair to cover no mater how many coats i put on it but the sealed parts coverd in 2 or 3 coats….this vid explained alot on how ta avoid that to me :kofee


    Jayson Munro

    Great vid Jack,thanks for posting it.I can see this being helpful no matter whos paint system you are using.



    Yup, looks quite familiar, if you get a chance you guys should take in the class ” Eye for Color” offered by PPG, that class explains all about translucent colours and how they reflect light like a prism. Goes to show that it’s not all about coverage anymore. Thanks for sharing, great video

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