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    matthew mcintyre

    hey me again
    well as i said in another post ive have just got my hands on a icic/nexa solvent base scheme and im having problems.

    the scheme doesnt come with colour chips as i ici say they can’t produce them anymore. so when i get a car in a i do a spray out card of the standard shade, half a wet coat at 2 bar then i cover half off and put a drop/control coat over. then clear.

    anyway i have not had a half reasonable colour match yet, ifact not even close. Ford vision blue i did all 4 variants no even close.
    ford moondust about 7 or more shades non even close and ive just had a toyota in 1G3 grey and did 6 shades non even close!!!

    ive had halo’s like ive never seen before, even with blending clear or reducing the base to blend they nearly always mottle or a slightly visable.

    tbh im geting pissed off now and i blagged my boss for weeks to get this, it will save use money by only mixxing what we need, lots of shades to go at for better matches ect…. im starting to look like a bit of a tit lol. Ive never had these problems before.

    and the story continues, the reps been and checked me and the system and says everything is fine and working as it should. so is ici a pile of crap or do we have any idea’s. im at my wit’s end

    cheers in advance




    They are not putting the $$ into the correct R&D for color match on the newer oem colors. You need to jump on board with one of the bigger paint companies, PPG, Sikkens, Debeer etc..


    matthew mcintyre

    ahhh right, well tbh i wish we could afford it. at the the last place i worked we used octoral waterbase and solvent on say a full hit and it was bang on. i despratly want octoral water but we dont have a booth here, you can only fit 2 cars in my place and until i can get the work flow going im going to have to stick with what i have. Hopfully if i can get the place busy enough they might extend my place and get me a booth 🙂
    this place is stuck in the dark ages and they empoloyed me to drag them out of it, getting a solvent smart scheme was a big step for them as money is quite a big issue lol.



    I’ve not had colour chips with my system (Axalta Centari Mastertint) and really never missed them. Before I had the Spectro I’d look at the colour and choose a variant from the right model year then mix up a little. If it didn’t I’d look at the colour changes compared to what I needed and choose another that moved in the right direction i.e. darker, lighter, coarser, bluer etc. That would usually get it but if there are lots of variants like the Toyota silver that has close to 140, then you may need to spray out a card or two.

    On your spray out cards you’re doing basically 1.5 coats. Is that enough? Not familiar with the ICI line but that should be a pretty dense colour if that’s all that’s needed.

    Will the system support a Spectro? That thing saves me heaps of time by identifying the colour and variant almost first time.


    matthew mcintyre

    hey id love a spectro and the system will suport on but again its down to money, there absolute fortunes!

    on my cards i do a half coat, then as many full coats to get coverage usually 2, and the block half the card off and to a drop coat.

    the ici stuff is very thick mate, you mix 1to1 but even then its as thick as some unmixxed solvent i have used in the past. i usually put another 10% thinner in. if you dont its like spraying waterbase lol.



    Sometimes spending money can save you long term.

    Our labour rate is close to $100/hour so if the spectro is saving me only 15 minutes per job then that’s $75/day on our typical 3 per day. Add the cost of paint and cards used and it doesn’t take too long to add up and start to save you time and effort, and your boss money. Plus you’ll get better matches, especially if the system can shade to further improve.

    Do a bit of an analysis and have a chat to the boss about it. Your paint distributor may be able to find you a second hand spectro from another shop that’s upgraded or changed systems or just gone out of business.

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