How Should Customers Choose the Drum Dryer?

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    The drum dryer, also called drum drying machine or the [url=http://www.fotechina.com/dryer_machine/drum_dryer.html]roller dryer[/url], is an ordinary industrial dryer that is widely used in the mining industry because of the high efficiency and simple operation. It is applied to dry metal, non-metal, magnetic ore, gravity ore, floating ore, clay and coal slime etc. The center structure of the drum dryer can avoid the addition of the scattering device. Wet materials in the [url=http://www.fotechina.com/dryer_machine/drum_dryer.html]dryer drum[/url] are lifted and thrown down by the shoveling plate installed on the wall of the drum. During the falling process, they are crushed by the scattered device to fine particles. The touching area expands to meet more hot air, thus realizing complete drying effect.

    In the rotary dryer, according to the differences of materials and the flow direction of the hot gas, there are two types of operation way: cocurrent and countercurrent. When selecting the operation way, cocurrent or countercurrent, the operators should take overall consideration based on the characteristics of the material, particle size, the requirements of the final moisture of the materials as well as the plant layout etc. In the cement plant, both the two methods of operation have been put into use and the majority adopt cocurrent method. We are use the rotary drum dryer and find the problems of rotary drum dryer,then how to deal with the the faults of rotary drum dryer. This will be a problem,different faults should have different method.

    As we all know, China has stood out in the world market of all fields especially in industries such as mining industry. Today, we recommend you with one of Chinese leading industrial dryer manufacturers which will provide you with both world-class mining equipment and services. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us: sales@hxjq.com

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