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    Looking to see if anyone has painted house of Kolor paints with Sata 5000 rp 1.4 tip. Looking to see what adjustments you have may have used or spray techniques you may have applied. First time spraying this paint. I have experience with PPG, Martin Senour, and a few others that I shot over the years . This will be applied on a 67 Malibu that I am restoring. I have heard this paint can be a little hard to apply. It will be a bc,cc being applied with a Sata 5000 b rp for the base and the clear being applied with a Iwata LPH 400 LV any advice will be appreciated.


    David Beargeon

    my first advise would to be to toss the iwata to the side being a complete car. you will do much better with the RP. two turns out on fluid and about 23 psi. UC35 i leave some reducer out of the ratio. we all spray a little different. but HoK sprays like any other paint

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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