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    mark henschell

    Hello People,
    I just stumbled onto this forum and figured I should check things out. One can never have too much info :rock

    I am a Journeyman tradesman with 30+ years experience (collision & Restoration), however I don’t get my hands onto the vehicles all that much anymore as I now work for a jobber store mixing and selling the paint and products. That’s how I got the name 😉
    We have 7 lines in house, Axalta’s Cromax Pro, Mosaic, Nason, and Imron, as well as Bernardo’s Urki base (same product as automotive art’s motomix), Urki mix (solvent basecoat and urethane), and Urki system (industrial line with multiple binders including DTE paint & clears)
    We supply several grades of local shops as well as over the counter sales. I am also able to put most of our products into rattle cans for small jobs or the DIY customers. I actually make hundreds of them a month, mostly solvent basecoat (Urki lines for the most part), but I can also put waterbourne and 2K urethane into rattle cans as well. we also sell a great deal of Spray max 2K clearcoat to go with my color cans. with a competent painter you can get some impressive results with my rattle cans.

    Most of our high end shops are using Cromax Pro, but over the counter sales is more so the bernardo solvents, as the smaller shops and weekend warriors are typically not set up for water. the mosaic line is fairly new so we don’t have much call for it yet, and primarily only use it for solvent color scans, as nason colors are far less accurate and we have no scanner for bernardo’s products. For those who did not know Axalta seems to have the monopoly on the scanner software.
    Anyway that’s a bit of info about me and what I do, and if anyone has any questions on any of the products I deal with please feel free to shoot me a message, if I cannot personally answer your questions, I have a few paint reps at my disposal when I need them. :cheer:



    Welcome aboard!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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