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    It’s been 25yrs since I last sprayed anything with a gun.
    I’m still repairing cars from a mechanical point of view, but recently just bought a Cat D which needs a little bit of work.
    If anyone can offer some assistance with a Devilbiss GTI Pro HD (2011) setup – i would be grateful.

    I bought the gun from a painter…. i intend painting 2 pack – Clear over Audi Garnet Red Base
    I’m wanting to use if for suction, but the gun struggles to draw any paint from the cup.. (New cup as it was originally on a remote pressure pot)

    Have I dropped a bo11ock by buying this gun ? (although at 90 quid, its not too bad)
    It seems to draw liquid (even gun wash) only when the gun is on it’s side.

    I’m tempted to get out the old JGA, but that suck and blows on and off like a machine gun – guessing new needle and fluid cap is required….
    Kindest Regards and Thanks in Advance.


    Marco Silva

    Probably because it has a pressure aircap. For a siphon cup you will need a different aircap that “draws” the material from the cup, pressure fed style aircaps are flush with the tip so no material will come out as they rely on external power like a diaphragm pump or pressure pot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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