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    Kevin Nicol


    Ok guys I need some advise. I am a reasonably experience painter but not in recent years. Most of my shop time was with single stage on trucks and commercial vehicles.

    Now building a little S10 street truck and just finished spraying a three tone paint job with PPG base clear 2 stage. The majority of painting was done on the Friday before the Canadian Thanks Giving weekend and I was rushed to get it done and out of the booth so I left the windows masked over the weekend (three days). Unfortunately I had some build up around some of the mask on the drivers door and when my helper removed the mask he pulled some of the clear of the adjacent window frame (by force). The area looks to be pulled to the base only but the edge is very sharp as there is three coats of clear on the car.

    Is there a quick fix to patch up the area were the clear got torn off? We are talking about an area about the size of half a dime but its right were you look when you open the door. Can I dab in some clear and sand it out? If needed I could sand and re-clear the section of the door but I am not sure how best to dealer with the hard edge of the area torn off.

    Any suggestions?

    The car is going to get sanded and buffed once the clear sits for a couple weeks so if I can get a reasonable result by just “dabing” in some clear that’s what I will do.


    It can’t hurt to give it a shot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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