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    russ knoche

    what sytems are you painters useing out there 3m pps is getting out of CONTROL $$$$$. iam seeing a new 1 thats out its from FINIXA,alot like the sata cups,,any one useing this system or maybe tryed it out?????// just odered pps 1600 from keystone $114.59 for the case of 50.

    Jayson Munro

    One more vote for RPS cups,its nice to always have a clean cup and no liners to deal with.The lack of restriction while spraying is nice let alone when you get down down to the last few ounces you don’t have to worry about a liner sucking crap threw the strainers and land in your paint work(like the 3m or devilbiss system).RPS is the way to go :cheers


    I see the PPS cups in most shops and they are alright, the one thing I really dislike is that the hard cup on it always gets covered in overspray and paint which can break off and fly into your job if you don’t change it often. I love the RPS cups also, the choke on the top keeps the gun from starving and you can use all the material in the cup. I’ve seen the Finixa cups pop up in a few places, I haven’t sprayed with them. When playing with one and putting the top on, I crushed the container in half which made me a bit concerned about its durability.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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