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    Thomas Robertson

    I recently had a customer bring in an older two tone car to paint. He had previously purchased the paint (Limco Acrylic Enamel) but he has requested that a clear be applied over the color. I would like to avoid having to purchase the base again so I would like to know the process (if one exists) to apply clear over acrylic enamel. Years ago I did this with Dupont 780 clear if I remember correctly. Any help would be appreciated


    Jayson Munro

    That brings me back to the 80’s,I remember doing it with RM Miracryl and Ditzler Delstar acrylic enamel paints.Within 2 years they were peeling terribly.Both companies at the time said you can clear over top wet on wet with no problems,but so many shops had to redo tons of cars.I personally wouldn’t even dream of doing it again,I would tell your customer no can do or buy bc/cc.Even if you lightly scuff it with a gray pad(non metallic) I would offer no warranty.My 2 cents hope it helps you 😉


    Kevin Campbell

    I’ve done small parts using Centari reduced with urethane grade reducer and activated with whatever activator you are going to use in your clear coat with good results.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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