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    Is there a way to make candy off the machine? Im trying to make a pinkish color. I have tried several times with no acceptable results. Do I need to break downand buy the dye? Were useing rm onyx. Thanks



    Nothing for a true pink on the machine without making the color muddy since you need a white with red or red violet to make pink. Just get the dye, they are fairly inexpensive



    Thats what I figured. Everything that I have made has come out cloudy. I will check on the dye I thought they would be expensive.



    Also check out. ” paint with pearls”website



    HOK used to do a pink candy but it was not very lightfast and they dropped it ,to make a faux candy from your scheme the best bet is to use magenta tinter in a transparent control binder ,candy dyes are not expensive Lechler inks are great and priced very keenly but even HOK concentrates are not dear

    to obtain a pink you will have to play with the saturation levels of the candy mix over the silver substrate ,you could lay red candy over a pearl white substrate or again a magenta candy dye over either of those

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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