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    How are yall, I’m not a painter but I am very interested in the BASF line of paints. I have chosen to let my painter use R-M Diamont line. I have a 2012 Mustang Convertible Race Red but I want to change the color to black. The black color I’m looking for should be a deep black color but I want the gloss and shine the black Ford Mustangs stock come with. Any and all suggestions please help me. Its hard searching for different black colors for the Diamont line of Basf line for that matter. Thanks in advance.



    In the Diamont line, using D403 black toner straight is probably your best bet.
    DC5335 would be a good clear to go over the black base.



    The deep black colour you aRe looking for from Ford is more than likely code UA.



    @haiting-painting. My car is an outside car so I have to get something deep
    @smooth Yea I think that would be a good fit. Its something like Jet Black in which I ran across last night.


    james caruso

    the d403 is going to be what you want. i have not looked up the ford formula but most factory blacks will have white, red or yellow oxide added to them which makes them milky or grey. you really cant tell on black unless you look side by side with a true black which is why the mustang probably looks really black to you. it may however be straight black im not sure off hand. with all that said, if your looking for a black that is blacker than the major paint manufacturers have in their toner lines then spi has black base which is the blackest black you will ever find. i have done test panels with it next to rm, sikkens, dupont and a couple others. none of their pure blacks even come remotely close. its kind of bazaar actually. second in line is hok, third was rm d403 then sikkens. they just get more grey down the line.



    Standox also has a really deep black, like spies! It is called real black in the solvent line. And they have a midnight black in there water line. If you are looking for a the blackest black you can find. Either the spies or standox would be your best bet! IMO! There is a big diference from these blacks to a stock black on a side by side comparison

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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