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    As a new type of fuel particle, biomass pellet has won wide recognition with its unique superiority. Compared with the traditional fuel, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/gravel-and-sand-making-machine.html]gravel and sand making machine[/url] biomass fuel not only has the economic advantage also has environmental benefits, which can fully meet the requirements of sustainable development. First of all, because the finished product is in pellet shape, so it has compressed volume, which can save the storage space, and it is also convenient for transportation, thereby reducing the transportation cost. Secondly, the combustion efficiency is high, which is easy to burn with less carbon residue. Compared with coal, biomass fuel has low volatile content, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/projects/artificial-crushed-sand-making-machine.html]artificial crushed sand making machine[/url] high ignition point, easy to light; high density, high energy density, the combustion duration has been increased significantly, which can be directly applied to coal fired boiler. In addition, the harmful gas and component content are extremely low of biomass fuel, which has environmental benefits with less harmful gas emissions. And remained ash can also be used directly as fertilizer to save the production expenses.
    Biomass pellet mill takes biomass, pine, birch, poplar, fruit trees, crops straw, bamboo and sawdust as raw materials, which can process these materials into biomass fuel, the demand for raw materials moisture is about 15%, the particle diameter can be decided based on customer requirements, the diameter is 6mm–8mm, length in 5mm–30mm. The finished pellet can be used for combustion, barbecue and warm fireplace. Heat is 4000 — 4500 calories, ash content is lower than 6%, the water content less than 8%. The output capacity for per hour includes100KG, 200KG, 300KG, 400KG, 1000KG and 2000KG. We produce the alone pellet machine, whole pellet making set, as well as the complete set of crushing, drying, granulating, cooling, screening and packaging production line, which has automatic computer control.
    Biomass pellet mill is specifically used for biomass pellet making, which can process a variety of agricultural and forestry waste into biomass solid fuel, thus improving the utilization rate of resources. It reduces environmental pollution and emissions, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/pea-gravel-sand-making-machine.html]pea gravel sand making machine[/url] which is a new generation of green environmental protection product. Zenith biomass pellet machine can achieve twenty-four hours of continuous operation. We can also design and manufacture the personalized pellet machines according to customers’ special requirements.

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