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  • December 18, 2017 at 5:03 pm #93261

    Just posting my experience…take it for what its worth.

    Ive read somethings around the internet before switching over to Standoblue, most of them were negative, citing color match problems. We decided to ignore them because the product seemed legit and people selling it seems knowledgeable and honest.

    The internet reviews were right.

    Demos looked decent, sales pitch worked on us and we switched, axalta tech were great, but the product just is terrible. They assured us we were just working through “growing pains”. “Other shops use it and paint 12 cars a day, no color issues, you guys are doing something wrong”

    Axaltas answer is to blend everything, even if the color isn’t even remotely close.
    Rear bumper, cant get good color? blend the 1/4s.

    Japanese cars were the worst. Specifically Hondas and Nissans.

    Im not even going to get into the unorthodox method of application. Not user friendly at all.

    Long story short, 8 months of a nightmare is gone, switched back to BASF. Zero color issues. Zero Tinting. Mixing Costs down. Shop production back where it should be.

    If Axalta comes into your shop promising better production and reduce cost by using standoblue, RUN. The colors are garbage. I cant speak for Spies Hi-tec, but id imagine its similar.

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