The Eastwood Concours LT100 is an HVLP base gun that is extremely well suited for those working is home garages or places where you don’t have access to industrial-sized air compressors, as this gun can operate at 4.5CFM @ 30 PSI. This feature makes this gun among the best choices for anyone looking to maximize paint gun performance from a smaller compressor.


Metallic Blend Eastwood Councours
Blending Metallics using the LT100

The testing, however, was evaluation was carried out in a professional facility where compressed air requirements would not be an issue.  Two vehicles were painted in a professional facility from start to finish, including Sealer, Basecoat, and Clearcoat. The LT100 ships with a 1.3 tip, which is a versatile size for many different product types.

The application of sealer was carried out very easily and did not leave a heavy edge in the fade-out area. It delivered a smooth application with minimal texture.


Eastwood Concours LT100 Base
Applying Basecoat using the Eastwood Concours LT100


The LT100 was challenged to perform metallic blends and a Tricoat candy (GM WA505Q). It was able to deliver an undetectable blend, uniform metallic orientation, and consistency with the mid-coat application of the three-stage red.  The fan pattern remained even at the wide-open setting, material delivery felt a bit on the slower side compared to other guns with a 1.3. The metallic blends resulted in very minor sand-piling, which was comparable to high-end guns when carrying out a “dry” blend (no wet bed blender). Worth noting, the basecoat used for testing would perform best with a 1.5 tip so a 1.3 would be expected to starve the gun contributing to some challenges with application.


Eastwood Concours LT100 Clearcoat
Applying Clearcoat using the Eastwood Concours LT100


The Clearcoat application went incredibly smoothly! The gun was initially set at 30 PSI and dialed back slightly until the performance felt appropriate for my speed and the finish looked desirable. The LT100 produced a very low amount of overspray and was very efficient at delivering material. The texture was smooth, comparable to an OEM finish. The delivery speed again felt a bit on the slower side, but not overbearing. You can still remain productive and efficient.

The LT100 feels compact to hold and of the guns I’ve used to date, the operation of it most closely resembles that of an Iwata LPH400. The metal fitting tips make this gun easy to disassemble and clean. It ships with a 600ML plastic cup, however, the 3M PPS system was used in its place for easier clean-up. The trigger of the gun I found to be a bit stiffer than most guns I’ve used. It required a tighter grip to operate but was also more responsive. When you let go of the trigger, the stoppage of material felt more abrupt.

The Concours LT100 ultimately was able to deliver a professional finish. The resulting job turned out clean, smooth and comparable to anything you would expect from a gun costing $700 or more. This gun is a great choice for anyone looking to enter the trade or work as a hobbyist and isn’t ready to invest thousands of dollars into paint guns.


Car Painting: Low Cost Paint Gun (Eastwood LT100)

Eastwood Concours LT100








Ease of Operation


Community Rating



  • Durable Construction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Operates at Low CFM/Pressure


  • Slower material delivery speed

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