The Walcom Brand of paint guns is not generally the first one that comes to mind for North American painters, However, this Italian company has been doing some incredible work creating innovative strides in product application.

The HTE guns come from their Genesi Carbonio, Carbon Fibre bodied paint guns which Include the HVP, GEO, HTE BASE, and the HTE Clearcoat gun. These guns are first and foremost designed to function with the Walcom Thermodry Heating system, which filters the air and increases the temperature to over 100 degrees. Having a Carbon Fiber body, rather than steel or aluminum will prevent the gun from becoming too hot to hold comfortably. The benefits of this system are to increase drying time and reduced material. We are not going to focus on the Thermodry system here, but that is the primary function of the Carbon Fibre.


Walcom Thermodry
The Walcom TD3 Thermodry system is used to dry and heat air for improved application.


The Genesi guns will still operate using a normal, conventional compressed air system and are how I’ve used it the majority of the time. Under the Carbon Fiber, the inner workings of the gun is constructed of forged aluminum. This comes together making this Gun, incredibly light. At only 360 grams, they will surprise you when you attempt to spray your first job. It is noticeably more top-heavy than regular spray guns, but it is not something you will find disruptive, just a bit different.

The design of the gun is extremely ergonomic & you might find the shape of it comparable to a Devilbiss Tekna.
It has numbers on the material and fan size know, which is something I don’t recall seeing on any other gun and would be beneficial if you wanted more precision on how you might set it up for certain spraying situations.

The Walcom HTE Basecoat gun equipped with the 3M PPS System.

The Carbon Fibre body was always something I was concerned about in regards to durability. I’ve left it in my car during frigid Canadian winters and I’m just pretty hard on my guns in general due to my line of work, but it has held up very well. The only thing I notice is that it does scuff up and mark a bit more than a metal gun would, so cosmetically it may loose some of the appeal.
The biggest challenge I think I’ve had with these guns is that given the fact they are not as common in North America, distribution is not as strong, and finding adapters for paint preparation systems can sometimes be a bit more of a challenge. In one instance I ended up with the wrong adapter which led to some leaking issues and may have even damaged the threads.
The HTE Base gun is among my top choices for Applying basecoat, as it delivers metallic colors extremely well and makes creating a uniform, blotch-free coating very simple. Where the HTE Base gun really shines, however, is in the blend areas. The falloff of the spray pattern does not become too fine, and sand piling has been a non-existing issue even when pushing this gun to its limits.

The HTE Clear gun also does an exceptional job of delivering clearcoat in an easy way. The product is delivered in a predictable way that is easy to adjust to and provides very fine atomization that helps you lay down your clearcoat with minimal orange-peel.


The HTE Basecoat gun used to spray Mazda 46V, Soul Red Metallic. A very challenging colour to apply.

All of their guns are available with the digital, carbon fiber air regulator, which allows you to set the pressure, then remove the digital display to keep it protected from overspray. It is a very unique idea, and the regulator is well constructed and all of mine have lasted several years so far.

The feedback I receive on these guns is extremely good, more people seem to embrace the HTE Basecoat gun than the HTE Clear, which I believe is because the HTE Basecoat gun does a better job than most of the popular gun manufacturers in North America, which seem to be in the process of catching up now.

The Walcom HTE Clearcoat Gun


The price point on the HTE Walcom guns is comparable to any other high-end spray gun and definitely belongs in this space. If you are in it for the long haul and are want something that can perform well, the HTE Walcom guns are definitely worth a look.


Walcom HTE Base / Clear








Ease of Operation


Community Rating



  • Lightweight Construction
  • Excellent Atomization
  • Efficient Material Consumption


  • Product Accessibility / Distribution
  • High Purchase Price

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