The Tekna Prolite, or GTI PROlite in the UK, was introduced to North America in 2011 and is a popular spray gun that is based on the heavier version, the Tekna Pro. This Prolite was quickly adopted by many paint manufacturers and distributors and has since grown the Tekna brand into including dedicated spray guns for Primer, Basecoat, and Clear.

I have used the Tekna gun for a wide variety of coatings since its launch and have always been impressed by the Tekna Prolites ability versatility. Devilbiss is one of the rare manufacturers that either supply or provide an affordable option of including multiple tip sizes and air caps. By having a 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 fluid tip, you can quickly modify your gun to suit the needs of whatever product you may find yourself needing to spray. It can handle Basecoat, Clear, and Sealer without a problem.

Tekna Guns
From Left to Right, Tekna Clearcoat Gun, DV1 Base, Tekna Prolite


You are also given the choice of 3 different air caps that can change the droplet size, providing different fluid flow that will work better with certain products and in different climates.
The Prolites fan size can go as high as 14 inches when using the HVLP cap, or 13″ with the high-efficiency caps.

The body of the gun has a scratch-resistant durable coating that keeps the gun in looking like new for a long time. The only criticism I’ve had on the construction of the gun is the inclusion of a baffle behind the fluid tip, which is another part to clean and I have occasionally needed to be replaced due to failure. Attached to the baffle is a seal, which can wear over time as well.
What makes this gun most successful is that many techs find the learning curve for the Tekna Pro to be minimal. The material speed and spray pattern create a delivery system that is easy to develop a feel, which makes this gun a great choice for beginners too.


The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive on the Tekna Prolite and my general take is that it can do everything well, but nothing exceptional. For instance, it absolutely can lay down metallic colors blotch free, but some dedicated basecoat guns, such as the Devilbiss DV1, can do this with a bit less effort and reduce recoating which will save on material.

The included Devilbiss Digital Guage is a nice touch for the gun and initially is easy to read, however, they are difficult to remove overspray from and aren’t overly durable. Many technicians and myself included, have had to replace a few of them over the years.

The price point on the Prolite has always made this gun so much more attractive. Around the $500 range, this gun can do everything you’ll require and has been thoroughly tested by professional painters around the world.

Tekna Prolite (GTI Prolite) Review



Devilbiss Tekna Prolite








Ease of Operation


Community Rating



  • Versatility
  • Easy Application
  • Transfer Efficiency
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Digital Gauge Poorly Constructed
  • Baffle Design requires more cleaning

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