If you are unfamiliar with the Luma III Aurora Light, It is a gun mounted LED light that is designed to help you with product application.
This particular kit I’ve focused on is sold specifically for the Sata 5000 Paint gun, so it will fit both the Sata 5000 HVLP and the Sata RP. Attachment is very straight forward, just unscrew the air cap, place on the light and screw the air cap over the top of it.
The LED lights are in an always-on or off position, it can almost look like they turn on with the trigger in the videos, so I thought it would be worth mentioning.  The light seems to provide the proper intensity for the distance you would typically use it from, but it adds a bit of bulkiness to the gun, but on the Sata 5000  I didn’t find it too disruptive.
Now, the question you’re probably wondering is, how effective is the light at aiding application?  So, it actually really depends. They only way it’s going to save you time is if it can help you find an area you would have missed otherwise, which occasionally it would do on wheel wells and hard to see offsets. However, after trying this in several other booths, as the lighting became worse, the more useful the Luma III would become. Rather than waiting and grabbing a normal light, checking color and re-applying, you can correct any problems as you spray. This was still only a factor in a smaller percentage of jobs for me,  but based on your experience level, it may help you more or less.
I didn’t find much diffence when applying over a well lit surface such as the length of a door or hood and being one more item to clean. In my usual booth, which is a state of the art, very well lit area, most of the time I would not notice the LUMA III helping me enough to use it often. However, if you’re spraying in an older booth with poor lighting, you may find it to be a game changer.
The price point on the light is a bit steep, especially if you’re someone like me who likes to collect a wide variety of paint guns. Each light is designed for one manufacturer of paint guns, so having to outfit all of your guns could run up a pretty steep bill.
At any rate, it’s an innovative solution that I think will be useful in low light conditions. Some techs may love it, some might hate it, but it certainly has the potential to save you some redos and if it can do that, it would be worth every penny.


LUMA III Aurora Review - Paint Gun Light


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