Replacing Kitchen Cabinets is not usually a cheap venture. Painting them with a roller can freshen up the look, but if you want something that looks higher end, you will want to spray them. Here’s a look at the process using automotive/industrial paint.

Old CabinetsOld Cabinet


The first thing you will need to do is to clean them well with a mild detergent or soap and water, followed by a degreaser. Then to prepare them, they need to be sanded with P320-P400 grit paper.

Sanding Cabinet Washing Cabinet

Next, basecoat is applied. This color was custom created to match the floors in the adjacent room. This is a low VOC Solvent basecoat.


Once that dries, a matte clearcoat is applied. This gives the job a consistent flat look and protects the color from fading.

Painted Cabinets


Once they are installed, they drastically improve the look of the kitchen:

Sprayed Cabinets New DarkNew Cabinets Kitchen Kitchen Cabinets New Painted



How to Spray Paint Cabinets - Base / Clear

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