Custom Painted PS4 Controllers


Taking a break from cars for a few paint jobs we ready to have some fun painting some PS4 Controllers, one with a Fortnite (video game) theme, and another with inspired by Rick and Morty. Here are the two videos:



To prepare these controllers for paint, it needs to be cleaned and primed following the correct plastic procedure. Here is a video that looks a preparing plastics in more depth.

Products List:


Plastic Cleaner – Used to remove residue left from plastic manufacturing. This helps plastic primer adhere properly to create a long-lasting paint job.


Adhesion Promoter / Plastic Primer  – Coating used to prime plastic, this allows other paint products to stick to the plastic. If not used, the paint will usually flake off the plastic.


Silver Metallic Paint –  If you are going to be doing candy effects, a high/coarse metallic paint such as this will create a good base.


1 Part Clear (Aerosol) – This product is used in a variety of ways in the videos above. It is used as a protective coating over waterslide transfer paper in order to place your decals on an object. It is also used as a barrier coat to protect waterborne paint. You could use this product as your final clearcoat, however, you will not get the same level of gloss and durability.


Waterslide Transfer Paper – Using an inkjet printer, your designs can be printed on this paper and placed on an object, in the case of this project, our PS4 controller.


2 Part Clear (Aerosol) –  If you want the ultimate shine to finish off any paint job, a 2 Part clear coat such as this is ideal. You need to press the button on the bottom prior to using for activation, the can will have a shelf life of only a few days once activated.


Airbrush Kit –  Looking for that extra edge? Here’s an airbrush kit that might get you started.

Other Items to Consider:

Charcoal Paint Mask


Sandpaper / Scuff Pads




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