How to Paint an Xbox One Controller

An Xbox One Controller can be treated like any other automotive plastic. Use the following process for preparation and paint:


Step 1


Disassemble your controller. You can take apart a genuine Xbox controller using a T8 security torx screwdriver, aftermarket controllers will likely require a Philips screwdriver.

Step 2

Clean all plastic that is going to be painted with soap and water, followed by a plastic cleaner such. One of the following will work:


Step 3

Scuff all plastic using a gold or grey scotchbrite / scuff pad.


Step 4

Apply a plastic adhesion promotor (plastic primer), a light to medium coat. Allow 15-20 minutes of drying before the next step.


Step 5

Apply Basecoat, if you are taping off a design you can wait approximately 30 minutes between colors. Automotive paints such as these will work well:


Step 6

Apply Clearcoat after allowing your final coat of basecoat to dry for 15-20 minutes. To create the best possible shine use a 2K clearcoat that utilizes a hardener. With 2K aerosol cans, you can press in a button before using that activates the product for use. Apply clearcoat in medium-wet coats, not too dry.




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