How to Paint Cars Using Aerosol Cans

Have you ever wanted to see an actual refinish quality paint job achieved using aerosol spray cans? Behold the power of 2K spray cans from Spraymax! These cans work by utilizing a 2 component can, allowing for a hardener to be added at the time of use, exactly the same way a professional paint shop would.

Here is a 2K epoxy primer that is good for filling minor damage. It is a direct to metal primer, a very high quality type of primer. This primer is needed for areas of bare metal break-through, filing in sanded area’s, and added protection/leveling over body filler. The duplicolor alternative is a 1K product that is of much, much lower quality. A 2K primer is recommended for anything you really want to last.


This is a type of basecoat that has been used in some videos and could work for you. However, because there are several color matching challenges, there is no guarantee that simply going by paint code will ensure an exact match. It is best to have it color matched, mixed and put into a spray can by a paint supplier where you can check the paint chip first.


The next thing you will need is the 2K clearcoat, which will provide a proper refinish quality gloss to top everything off. The matte clear is where you are looking for a flat/matte finish, it will go on the same way but dry without shine.

You will need likely need a few prep supplies. The following sandpapers, 320 for coarser sanding, 600 for final sanding, and 1200 for blending. Bigger repairs when sanding down to the metal and doing dent repairs will require a coarse paper.


Other products you may want to think about:


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