Corsica Complete – Final


Corsica Complete Final


This is the finished picture of our corsica. After a few weeks of haning around the shop and almost 2 weeks worth of work this is what we have. A job like this would typically cost anywhere from $3000-6000. This job was done to some of the highest standards possible from epoxy priming to hardening the basecoat nothing was overlooked. The finish on this vehicle should last over 10 years.

Materials Estimate:

1 Gallon of Paint Stripper (Marhyde Tal-Strip)

1 Grinding Disc (3M 24 6 inch)

2 Strip-it wire wheels (3M Black)

10-15 80E 8 inch Sanding Discs (3M Hookit)

2 Quarts of Epoxy Primer (BASF RM EP569)

1/4 Gallon Body Filler / Finishing Putty (Evercoat RAGE / 3M Flowable Putty)

2 File Strips 80 Grit (3M Hookit)

2 File Strips 120 Grit (3M Hookit)

2 File Strips 180 Grit (3M Hookit)

 1 1/2 Quart Urethane Primer (BASF RM DP226)

2 9x11 Sheets of 320 Grit (3M Gold)

2 Sanding Discs 6″ 180 (3M Purple Clean Dust Free)

4 Sanding Discs 6″ 320 (3M Purple Clean Dust Free)

4 Sanding Discs 6″ 400 (3M Purple Clean Dust Free)

1 Red Scotch Pad (3M)

1 Grey Scotch Pad (3M)

Sanding Paste

2 Quarts Urethane Sealer (BASF Glasurit 285-38)

2 1/2 Quarts Base Coat (BASF RM Diamont)

1 1/2 Quarts Mid Coat (BASF RM Diamont)

3 1/2 Quarts Clear Coat (BASF RM DC5335)


A quick guestimate makes me think this works out around $600 in materials.This car had 3 coats of clear, the last one being over reduced. Not necessary but it can give you a flatter finish.





Custom Painted Pearl White Corsica

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